Great read, easy to follow.

I really liked this book. Very well written. Petrella lets this cast of characters tell the story themselves, in their own words. His insights as to what's going on appear as insightful sidebars, adding to the story without getting in its way. Keeps you wanting to continue to read and not put it down. In short, Petrella has his characters, their mindset, and the tenor of those times down cold. I highly recommend this great read! It gets 5 stars from me!

--A. Miles


Medicine is a difficult business -- more so than you would think, according to Days of the Giants.

The book begins and ends with action sequences. The book starts with a violent encounter that circles back into the main plot. The opening violence includes enough ambiguous details that the reader sees a number of alternative paths for the book as each page turns.

The protagonist develops from a meek, one-dimensional character into a complex anti-hero. He combines devotion to a noble cause with hypocrisy and uncritical analysis that fits his worldview. Consumed by his demons and his cause and flirting with disaster, the increasing depth keeps your interest in the character.

The pace accelerates and the final 80 pages rush at you as a succession of action sequences that connect the plot points.

Dean L., Connecticut


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